High Class Communications Pty Ltd provides a voluntary warranty for all products. All products that are ordinarily for household, personal or domestic use, come with Consumer guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. Full details of your consumer rights may be found at www.consumerlaw.gov.au. Products, that are not ordinarily for household, personal or domestic use, are not covered the Consumer guarantees.
Our voluntary warranty details and time is provided per individual product. This information is available on individual product pages of this Website.

Returns & Exchange – Change of Mind, Wrongly Ordered or No longer Required
  1. If the Customer wants to return any products purchased from us that have been delivered, received and accepted in good order, as permitted by law, it is at our absolute discretion to accept or reject this request if the reason for return is:
    • Change of mind
    • Ordered wrong Product
    • Did not like the Product
    • No longer requires the Product
  2. We will only consider accepting returns for credit or exchange within 30 days of the purchase date. In the event, at our absolute discretion, we accept the return:
    • It is subject to being returned to our warehouse in original condition and packaging deemed saleable as a brand-new item. If, upon arrival to our warehouse, it is not, as described and warranted by the Customer, in original condition and packaging deemed saleable as a brand-new item, return for credit or exchange will be rejected and the Customer will need to organise to have the Product/s picked up from our warehouse at their own cost.
    • It is subject to all original shipping charges to deliver the Product/s to the Customer being borne by the Customer.
    • It is subject to a 20% restocking fee of the Product/s’ invoice value.
  3. We will not accept returns requests for credit or exchange after 30 days of the purchase date.
  4. We will not accept returns that are not in original condition and packaging and cannot be sold as brand new.
  5. Exchange of products are governed by the same terms and conditions as Returns.That is, every product accepted for exchange must be returned and checked.Once inspected and accepted by HCC, Customer will receive credit for next order or we will return the money to you in the same form as we received it as soon as reasonably practicable but in any event no later than 14 days from the date when we accept that repayment is due.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  1. Some Products offered through the Website may be offered with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. Where a Product is stipulated to come with a 30-Day money back guarantee, you may obtain a refund of the purchase price of the whole or part of the Product which has been returned, provided that the returned Product has not been damaged following acceptance of delivery or been subject to wear and tear making the Product unsaleable as a brand-new item.
  2. To obtain a refund on registered Products to which the 30-Day Money Back Guarantee applies, you must:
    • complete and submit a return authorisation form through the Website to obtain return authorisation (RA) number
    • return the Product to our warehouse in original condition within 30 days of purchase in its original packaging including all components and accessories delivered with the original Product.
  3. The Customer is responsible for all transport, delivery and shipping charges to deliver the Product/s to our warehouse and the Product/s must be received by us within 30 days of purchase for the refund to be claimed.
  4. The Product delivery cost to the Customer will be deducted from the refund if it was delivered to the Customer for free.
  5. Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee is in addition to and does not affect any rights or guarantees which the Customer may otherwise be entitled to under the C&C Act or any other applicable consumer legislation.
Statutory Guarantees, Warranties and Products Damaged or Lost in Transit
  1. Schedule 2 of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (“C&C Act”) defines a “consumer”. Under the C&C Act we are a supplier of either goods or services or both to you, and as a consumer the C&C Act gives you statutory guarantees. Attached to the Standard Terms and Conditions are: –
    • Schedule 2 of the C&C Act; and
    • those statutory guarantees, all of which are given by us to you if you are a consumer.
  2. If you are a consumer within the meaning of Schedule 2 of the C&C Act of our goods or services then we give you a warranty that at the time of supply of those goods or services to you, if they are defective then: –
    • We will repair or replace the goods or any part of them that is defective; or
    • Provide again or rectify any services or part of them that are defective; or
    • Wholly or partly recompense you if they are defective.
  3. As a consumer under the C&C Act you may be entitled to receive from us notices under Schedule 2 section 103 of the C&C Act. In that regard: –
    • If you are a consumer within the meaning of Schedule 2 of the C&C Act and the goods or services we are providing relate to the repair of consumer goods then we will give you any notice which we are obliged to give you under Schedule 2 section 103 of the C&C Act.
    • If we are a repairer of goods capable of retaining user-generated data then we hereby give you notice that the repair of those goods may result in the loss of the data.
    • If we are a repairer and our practice is to supply refurbished goods as an alternative to repairing your defective goods or to use refurbished parts in the repair, then we give you notice that the goods presented by you to us for repair may be replaced by refurbished goods of the same type rather than being repaired. We also give you notice that we may use in the repair of your goods, refurbished parts.
  4. We undertake to reimburse you for any Product delivered to you that is faulty or is in a damaged condition. If you wish to return a faulty or damaged Product, you must contact us within 7 working days of the fault or defect becoming apparent. We strongly advise that you sign the delivery docket ONLY when you have carefully inspected the delivery and acknowledge that you have received your order in full, in good condition and without any damage. If you are unable to carefully check your delivery for any reason, we recommend signing the delivery docket but ADD the words ‘Subject to checking upon unpacking’. Failure to do this, will complete your delivery and any discovered damage after will be deem caused whilst in your possession. In those circumstances, no right of reimbursement will be acknowledged and responsibility for any damage to the Product will be taken by HCC, subject to any statutory guarantees which may apply pursuant to the C&C Act.
Making a Claim and Returning Products Procedure
  1. If the Customer wants to return any products purchased from us under warranty, requires repairs, for refund or any other reason, the Customer is required to follow this procedure.
    • Customers must apply for a return authorisation (RA) number by completing and submitting a return authorisation form through the Website.
    • RA number will be issues within 1 to 2 workings days via email address.An RA number is required before products can be returned. Do not send products back to us before you have received your RA number. Products returned without an RA number will be rejected.
    • Once RA number has been issues, it must be clearly visible outside the packaging of products being returned.All postage, insurance and shipping costs are responsibility of the Customer. We recommend that you ship using some traceable method that can provide proof of delivery.
    • All Products must be returned to:
      High Class Communications Pty Ltd
      35 Kembla Street
      Cheltenham VIC 3192
Warranty Rejections
  1. Warranty will be rejected and voided if: –
    • Product is found to be mishandled, modified, tampered, abused, physically damaged, improperly installed and used, or damaged caused by power surges, electrical faults and lightning strikes.
    • Product show evidence of user made damage.
    • Product that has not been installed in accordance with the instruction supplied by the equipment manufacturer or damaged due to incorrect installation.
    • Product that is repaired or altered by anyone other than authorised HCC representative.
    • Product that fails or is damaged because of improper storage, operation under abnormal conditions misuse, neglect, abuse, accident, act of God or maladjustment of consumer controls.
    • Defects or damage due to spills of liquid or other substances (water damage, dust, cigarette), excessive temperature or humidity and environmental conditions.
Collecting Warranty Products
  1. HCC will only be responsible for uncollected warranty products for a maximum period of 60 days. If the customer does not collect their goods within this time, HCC will dispose of the goods by following the disposing of uncollected goods policy of the Australian Consumer Law.

You will find additional information available at our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy pages. We also recommend visiting our Shipping and Shipping Insurance pages.